Managing Change

Effective change management engages leaders at the right level, ensures that people in the organization understand and care about how the change will impact their work; and ensures that people have the skills to do the new work.  Companies successful at change have employees who are ready, willing and able for the change. Creating an environment of ready, willing and able employees takes hard work. But it is not rocket science.

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Building an Organizational Change Management Competency

Given the pace of business change today and in the future, building a change management competency is going to be a clear competitive advantage for organizations of the future. Organizations that are really good at helping their people move from thinking and acting in existing ways to thinking and acting in new ways that are required for the organization’s success are the ones that are going to beat their competition every time.

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What Kind of Person Manages Change?

Change is tough for organizations, and helping people navigate through change takes a special kind of person. There are of course leaders that need to champion and sponsor change. But there are also people that  need to actually manage the change and help people in the organization work through the transition. There is a lot of hard work involved in helping people in an organization change the way they work. So what are the characteristics of great change managers?

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