Agile World Tools and Templates

Listed below are the tools found in Managing Change in an Agile World.

  1. Microsoft Excel
    Agile Change Management Maturity Assessment Tool 
  2. Microsoft Word
    Infrastructure Readiness Checklist Tool
  3. Microsoft Excel
    People Impact Scan Tool
  4. Microsoft Word
    Stakeholder Identification Worksheet Tool
  5. Microsoft Excel
     Leadership Alignment Scan Tool
  6. Microsoft Word
     Communication Mini-Plan Tool
  7. Microsoft Word
     Key Message Quicksheet Tool
  8. Microsoft Word
     Leadership Action Checklist Tool
  9. Microsoft Word
     Learning Needs Identification Sheet Tool
  10. Microsoft Excel
     Learning Mini-Plan Tool
  11. Microsoft Word
     Rollout Readiness Checklist Tool
  12. Microsoft Word
     Feedback and Lessons Learned Process Tool