Tools and Templates

Listed below are the tools found in The Change Management Pocket Guide. These tools and the Change Management 101 Methodology™ will help you apply change management strategies and processes to your organizational change project.

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  1. Microsoft Excel
    Stakeholder Analysis
  2. Microsoft Word
    Leadership Alignment Assessment
  3. Microsoft Excel
    People Impact Assessment
  4. Microsoft Word
    SWOT Analysis
  5. Microsoft Excel
    Change Management Effort Assessment Part 1
  6. Microsoft Word
    Change Management Effort Assessment Part 2
  7. Microsoft Excel
    Change Management Work Plan
  8. Microsoft Word
    HR Infrastructure Checklist
  9. Microsoft Word
    Communication Audit
    The Communication Audit is an assessment of the “As Is” communication vehicles and approaches for the organization and for a department or division.
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  10. Microsoft Word
    Leadership Involvement Plan
  11. Microsoft Word
    Key Messages Worksheet
  12. Microsoft Word
    Elevator Speech Form
  13. Microsoft Excel
    Communication Network Table
  14. Microsoft Word
    Road Show Agenda
  15. Microsoft Word
    Feedback Form
  16. Microsoft Word
    Frequently Asked Questions Sheet
  17. Microsoft Word
    Change Readiness Audit
  18. Microsoft Word
    Commitment Assessment
  19. Microsoft Word
    Implementation Checklist
  20. Microsoft Word
    Stakeholder Commitment Meeting Template
  21. Microsoft Excel
    Workforce Transition Plan
  22. Microsoft Excel
    Training Needs Assessment
  23. Microsoft Excel
    Training Plan
  24. Microsoft Excel
    Systems and Structures Action Plan
  25. Microsoft Word
    Rewards and Measures
  26. Microsoft Excel
    Roles and Responsibilities Template
  27. Microsoft Excel
    Knowledge Sharing Agreement
  28. Microsoft Word
    Change Integration Checklist
  29. Microsoft Excel
    Post Implementation Scorecard
  30. Microsoft Word
    Post Implementation Questionnaire
  31. Microsoft Word
    Lessons Learned Process
  32. Microsoft PowerPoint
    Stages of Commitment (Bonus)
  33. Microsoft Excel
    Tool Selection Guide (Bonus)