Best Practices in Leading and Managing Change LMS Module

Want to educate your employees about personal transitions and managing organizational change? This Learning Management System (LMS) Module is an easy, cost effective way to reach a large audience. 

  • Great for pre-work before a team meeting or longer training related to upcoming changes.
  • Self-guided one-hour training module that gives you access to key change management topics including understanding:
    • Dynamics of organizational change management
    • Importance of managing organizational change
    • Requirements for driving organizational change management
    • The eight constants of change

What is the content?

  • What is Change Management and Why is it Important?
    • Lesson 1: Three States of Change
    • Lesson 2: What is Change Management?
    • Lesson 3: Drivers of Change
    • Lesson 4: Project Management vs. Change Management
    • Lesson 5: Cost of Not Managing Change
    • Lesson 6: Importance of Managing Change
  • The Eight Constants of Change
    • Constant 1: It Takes a Village: Organizations change when the people within them change
    • Constant 2: An Object at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest: Resistance is Inevitable
    • Constant 3: Old Trees have Deep Roots: Commitment to the Past hinders change in the future
    • Constant 4: Get to the Heart of It: Connecting to the head and the heart builds commitment
    • Constant 5: Beware the Paparazzi: A leader’s actions speak louder than words
    • Constant 6: You Can Say That Again: Effective communication demands quality and quantity
    • Constant 7: If They Build It, They Will Come: People support what they help create
    • Constant 8: You’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Sustaining change takes support and reinforcement
  • Your Next Steps/Resources
  • Best Practices Reflections Activities and Workbook